Smart Mirror Displays

Who says technology must be seen?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Perfect mirror for any space.

Design the perfect mirror for any space with industry-leading vanishing mirror solutions. Select from a broad offering of sizes, lighting designs and other technology options to enhance your space design. Industry-leading vanishing mirror solutions incorporate advanced smart mirror displays that serve a variety of purposes, such as information display, personal assistance, and entertainment, while maintaining the mirror’s primary function.

Waterproof TVs

Now you can watch TV anywhere..

..even in the shower. Indoor Waterproof TVs are designed for kitchens, bathrooms, spas, showers, and other wet environments. The TV is sealed and recessed into the wall for a sleek and non-obtrusive design. The durable tempered glass screen allows for true color- correct viewing and acts as a defogger so nothing can cloud the picture. A waterproof smart mirror display is a specialized type of smart mirror that is designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, allowing it to be used in environments where moisture and water exposure are common, such as bathrooms or outdoor spaces.


Why You Should Have A Smart Mirror Display In Your Smart Home.

A smart mirror display serves specific purposes and can be optional depending on individual preferences and needs. They are essentially mirrors with built-in technology that can show information such as weather, time, calendar events, and more on the mirror’s surface.

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