Smart Security

Rest, assured your home is safe and secure.

Instant Awareness.

Be the first to know.

Be the first to know, no matter where you are. Your home sends you push and email notifications to your phone the moment something goes wrong or needs your attention.

Guaranteed Remote Connectivity

Guaranteed Remote Connectivity

Regardless of Power or Internet failure, your system will always stay connected. During a power failure, the inbuilt backup battery keeps the system and all battery-powered sensors, detectors, and smart door locks online for guaranteed communication.

Smart Activity History

Smart Activity History

Keep track of exactly who did what and when 24/7! Every activity happening in your smart home is tracked and logged on your smart home apps for future reference. You can filter events by type, days, and dates for up to 60days.


Thompson Residence

The challenge here was simple. Delight an audiophile. The Client wanted the best home cinema technology with a bold yet minimalist interior finish.

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