Media Room

Designed to be heard not seen.

Keep your interior intact with Sonance Invisible Series delivering unbelievable sound quality that emanates from the wall or ceiling, without any visible signs of a speaker. The space is filled with breathtaking music that seemingly comes from nowhere.

Transform Your Living Room.

Push a button to hide away your screens

Push a button to hide away your screens or projectors from sight in your living spaces and reveal only when in use. Keep your interior spaces clear and clean at all times and still enjoy the full experience of brilliant sound and pictures

Cinematic experience in any room

Experience immersive and enveloping sound without leaving the comfort of your couch.


Akwa Ibom Residence

The client wanted a signature state of the art home for his country home in Akwa Ibom. With no dedicated room for a home cinema, the challenge was to achieve and immersive cinematic experience in his living room without distorting his interior design

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