Smart surveillance (CCTV Camera), alert notifications and IP access control for your home.

Setting the perfect ambiance for privacy, security and comfort using CCTV Cameras, very is crucial for every event, whether it's a gathering with friends or a romantic meal for two at home. We develop the skill of merging artificial and natural lighting with smart lighting to arouse unique and emotional experiences inside separate areas.


See your home from anywhere, at anytime.

Compatible with the most widely used CCTV cameras. From any Hausba Home touch screen across the house or remotely from mobile devices, choose and see any camera in real-time. Even PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras can be controlled. CCTV is a security tool which gives you and your family peace of mind, privacy and security, but unless you’re watching it constantly, you may well miss the suspicious person walking up the garden path. Our advanced CCTV with video analytics notifies you and/or turns on your exterior lights if movement is detected that is likely to be a person (rather than a fox, for example), allowing you to check it out immediately. Because your home automation is fully integrated, when your garden lights and music are on while you’re having a party, the CCTV will switch to ‘record only’ mode, preventing unnecessary alerts popping up on your phone.

Home Security

Get notifications and alerts from any slightest movements, alarm and intrusion

Intrusion and fire alarm systems secure the internal perimeter of your property. Receives smart alert within seconds on your phone.

Integrating CCTV cameras with fire alarm systems can enhance the safety and effectiveness of a building's fire detection and response capabilities. CCTV cameras can provide visual verification of fire-related incidents, aiding in better decision-making by emergency responders and building occupants. Here's how you can incorporate CCTV cameras into a fire alarm system

IP Access control

Unauthorized access with unique access control for you and your family alone.

Fingerprint keyless entry guarantee high end security Remotely controls doors and gates from your phone.
Furthermore, Using CCTV cameras for IP access control involves integrating surveillance cameras with an access control system to enhance security and monitor access to a specific area. This combination allows for visual verification of individuals attempting to gain entry, which can be especially useful in high-security environments.