Sound Systems.

Key Challenge.

This beach house was designed to become a prime destination in Lagos to deliver an escape, out-of-this-world experience for guests. The sound had to match the luxury experience and exquisite architecture.


Our Solution.

We delivered landscape speakers for the beach pool area to blend with the beachside feel while achieving the required power to accommodate any beachside events.

The Technology

Integrating sound systems into a beach house is a complex yet rewarding endeavor, as it enhances the overall experience of the space. Several considerations come into play when achieving this integration:

1.Design and Aesthetics: The first step is to design the layout of the beach house, considering the optimal placement of speakers, wires, and control systems while maintaining the aesthetics of the space. In-ceiling or in-wall speakers may be chosen to blend seamlessly with the décor.

  1. Audio Zones: Divide the house into audio zones to cater to different preferences and activities. For example, you might have speakers on the beachfront patio, in the living room, bedrooms, and even by the pool, each controllable separately.
  1. Speaker Selection: Careful selection of high-quality weather-resistant speakers is essential, given the exposure to humidity and salt in the coastal environment.
  1. Wiring and Connectivity: Run appropriate wiring to connect all the speakers to a central control hub or an audio distribution system. Ensure robust Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from various devices.
  1. Control Systems: Install user-friendly control systems, like smartphone apps or wall-mounted touchscreens, to manage the audio in different zones effortlessly.
  1. Sound Optimization: Fine-tune the system for optimal sound quality, considering acoustics, equalization, and volume levels for each zone.
  1. Weather Protection: Provide adequate weatherproofing for outdoor speakers and equipment to protect them from the elements.
  1. Integration with Smart Home: Integrate the sound system with the beach house’s smart home features for seamless control of lighting, climate, and security.

Incorporating sound systems into a beach house transforms it into an entertainment oasis, enhancing relaxation and social gatherings while embracing the natural beauty of the coastal surroundings. Proper planning, quality components, and expert installation are crucial for a successful integration that combines technology and tranquility.

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Ilashe, Lagos.
project type:
Speakers: Sonance
Audio System: Sonos
Network: Luxul