Training Room.


 This 25 seats training room needed a simple AV setup for local and remote participants at a budget. Due to the shallow depth of the room and theater seating layout, staging a centre microphone became a challenge. We decided to deploy a Crestron Flex Smart Soundbar with Crestron Air Media BYOM Video conferencing for this space. Participants can collaborate freely with remote instructors while instructors could engage with participants using the in-built auto-tracking camera of the Crestron Smart sound bar. Wireless presentation is seamless via the Crestron Air Media whether an Apple/Windows PC or mobile device to the 75″ Samsung Digital signage display. Room scheduling is also integrated using the Crestron MS Teams wall touch panels and an occupancy sensor which monitors the status of the room.

In summary,

Smart training rooms integrate various technologies to streamline and enhance the training experience. The foundation of this automation lies in interconnected devices and systems. These include smart lighting, climate control, audiovisual equipment, and occupancy sensors.

  1. Automated Lighting: Motion sensors detect when the room is occupied and adjust lighting accordingly. During presentations, lights dim automatically to focus attention on the screen, and when the room is empty, they turn off to save energy.
  2. Climate Control: Smart thermostats maintain optimal room temperature. They can adjust settings based on the number of occupants and external conditions, ensuring comfort throughout the training session.
  3. Audiovisual Automation: Projectors, screens, and sound systems are synchronized to start and stop with a single button press or voice command, simplifying setup and teardown.
  4. Scheduling and Booking: Room availability and reservations can be managed through a centralized system, preventing scheduling conflicts.
  5. Security: Access control and surveillance systems provide a secure environment, allowing only authorized personnel to enter the room.
  6. Data Collection: Sensors track occupancy, equipment usage, and environmental conditions, providing valuable insights for optimizing training processes and room efficiency.
  7. Remote Control: Users can control room functions via smartphone apps or voice assistants, offering flexibility and convenience.

In essence, automation in a smart training room streamlines operations, enhances the learning experience, reduces energy consumption, and provides valuable data for continuous improvement. It’s a testament to how technology can elevate training environments to be more efficient and user-friendly.

Lagos, Nigeria
project type:
MMLO AudioVisual
- Crestron Smart Sound bar.
- Crestron Wall 10.1" Scheduling Touch Panel.
- Crestron Occupancy sensor.
- Crestron Air Media.
- Crestron DM Lite.
- Crestron 3 Series Media Presentation Controller.