Corporate Boardroom AV System: This 21 seats boardroom was integrated with a Custom Crestron Flex video conference system for seamless video conference collaboration with crisp clarity from every seating position. To achieve this we needed to introduce table-top microphones which were miniature by design but powerful in performance with a robust echo-cancellation technology. 
Wireless presentation via Crestron Air media as well as wired HDMI cable enables effortless presentation to the room display.
BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting”) was also integrated to this boardroom to enable a participant start a video conference call on any iOS or Windows PC and then wirelessly bridge it with the boardrooms’ PTZ camera, table microphones and in-ceiling speakers.
Room scheduling is also integrated using the Crestron MS Teams wall touchpanels and an occupancy sensor which monitors the status of the room.
In summary, Automation in a boardroom involves the integration of technology to streamline processes and enhance productivity during meetings. In this context, it typically begins with smart room systems that include touchscreen interfaces, video conferencing equipment, and IoT devices. Automated lighting and climate control adjust to preferences, creating a comfortable environment. Meeting agendas, documents, and presentations can be preloaded and seamlessly displayed on screens. Voice recognition and motion sensors enable hands-free control of presentations and communication tools. Real-time data analysis and AI-driven insights assist decision-making. Overall, automation in a boardroom optimizes communication, efficiency, and the use of resources, facilitating more effective and productive meetings.
Lagos, Nigeria
project type:
MMLO AudioVisual
- Crestron Custom Flex System (CX100T).
- Crestron 10.1" Table Touch screen.
- Crestron Wall 10.1" Scheduling Touch Panel.
- Crestron Saros Ceiling speakers (6).
- Crestron Occupancy sensor.
- Crestron Air Media.
- Crestron 1x4 HDMI switcher.
- Crestro Fliptop Table management.
- Aver PTZ Camera.
- Shure Microflex Table Array Mics (2).
- Shure DSP (P300) Processors.