Home entertainment system.

Key Challenge.

A existing homeowner wanted to have the best possible Home Cinema experience out there with zero compromises. Our first challenge was to identify a room with the required size to accommodate 10 people. This room also had to be totally soundproof since it was adjacent to the kid’s bedroom.


Our Solution.

Firstly, we designed and installed a room-in-room acoustic solution in this 60sqm dedicated cinema. The large 193” vertical masking screen from Screen Innovation projected 4K UHD movies through a Barco Balden Laser projector.

Wisdom Audio Line source speakers delivered breath-taking sound with a Trinnov 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos immersive audio configuration.


Integrating a home entertainment system involves combining various audio and video components to create a seamless and immersive entertainment experience within a residence. The process typically begins with a design phase, where professionals or homeowners plan the layout and select the equipment. This includes choosing a central hub, such as an AV receiver, which connects to speakers, a television or projector, and sources like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or streaming devices.

Wiring is a critical component, as it enables data and power to flow efficiently between devices. Cables are often hidden within walls or ceilings to maintain a clean and clutter-free appearance. Smart home technology plays a significant role, allowing for remote control of the entire system through smartphones or voice assistants.

The audio component involves strategically placing speakers for optimal sound distribution, which can include in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers. Video integration includes selecting the right display technology, whether it’s a high-definition TV or a projection system with a screen.

To tie everything together, a control system, often accessible through a dedicated remote or app, manages the entire setup, making it user-friendly and customizable. Overall, the integration of a home entertainment system transforms a living space into a hub for immersive audiovisual experiences.

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Maitama, Abuja
project type:
Home Cinema
Processor: Trinnov
Speakers: Wisdom Audio
Amplifiers: Wisdom Audio
Screen: Screen Innovation
Projection: Barco
Lighting Control: Lutron
Automation: Control4
Media Player: Kaleidescape
Rack: Middle Atlantic
Network: Luxul