Home Cinemas

Key Challenge.

This was our showroom. The challenge was to show our potential client a glimpse of what they will experience in their homes.


Our Solution.

We designed a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker system, with the surround sound and rear speakers hidden in a minimalist acoustics wall panelling and the two subwoofers were placed behind the 160-inch acoustically transparent screen. The projection system was Sony 4K projector.


Integrating a home cinema into an office environment is a novel and innovative concept that can transform the workplace experience. Such integration brings together elements of entertainment, relaxation, and productivity within the corporate setting.

Initially, this integration involves design considerations. A dedicated space within the office can be repurposed into a home cinema, complete with comfortable seating, surround sound, and high-quality projectors or screens. These elements create an immersive audio-visual experience that can be used for various purposes.

Firstly, it can serve as a relaxation and recreation area for employees during breaks or after work hours. This can help reduce stress, improve morale, and foster a better work-life balance. Employees can unwind, watch movies, play video games, or even use it for team-building activities.

Secondly, it can be utilized for presentations and meetings. High-quality audio-visual equipment enhances the impact of presentations, making it an ideal space for client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and training programs. It can also be used for webinars and virtual conferences, improving communication with remote teams and clients.

Furthermore, the integration of this system can enhance the office’s appeal for both employees and clients, showcasing a commitment to creating a comfortable and innovative work environment. It’s crucial to consider acoustic design, lighting, and ergonomic seating to ensure a seamless blend of home entertainment and professional functionality.

In conclusion, integrating a home cinema into an office setting can offer a unique blend of entertainment, relaxation, and productivity enhancements. This innovative approach can contribute to employee satisfaction, creativity, and overall office ambiance, ultimately benefiting both the workforce and the organization’s image.

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Lekki, Lagos.
project type:
Home Cinema
Processor: Trinnov
Speakers: Bowers & Wilkens
Amplifiers: Rotel
Screen: Screen Innovation
Projection: Sony
Lighting Control: Lutron
Automation: Control4
Media Player: Kaleidescape
Rack: Middle Atlantic
Network: Luxul