Home automation systems.

Key Challenge.

In this modern home designed with modern lighting and a double-height great room with glass walls, the challenge was to deliver good sound with seamless control of smart lighting both natural and artificial.

Our Solution.

To deliver the lighting control for the modern 0-10v lighting fittings and the large motorized blinds, we utilized the full power of the Lutron Homeworks QS & Sivoia QS shading system for ultra-reliable and seamless control. The great room featured the use of in-wall full-range speakers to ensure good sound delivery in the double-height space.

The Technology

Integrating smart home automation system devices into a home involves several steps to ensure that the devices work seamlessly together and meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Selecting Devices
  3. Network and Infrastructure
  4. Installation
  5. Configuration and Integration
  6. Testing and Troubleshooting
  7. Security and Privacy
  8. User Training
  9. Maintenance
  10. Expand and Customize

Remember that the specific steps and devices you choose will depend on your unique requirements and the ecosystem you prefer (e.g., Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or other ecosystems). Always prioritize security and privacy when setting up your smart home automation system.

In summary, Integrating smart lighting and sound systems in a building offers convenience and efficiency which is a standard requirement. Users can adjust lighting levels and music from a single interface, creating ambiance and saving energy. Additionally, synchronized lighting and sound enhance entertainment experiences, making the space more enjoyable and versatile.

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Guzape, Abuja.
project type:
Speakers: Origin Acoustics
Amplifiers: Apart Audio
Shades: Lutron
Surveillance: Bosch
Access Control: 2N
Lighting Control: Lutron
Automation: Control4
Video Distribution: Blustream
Rack: Middle Atlantic
Network: Luxul