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Slide Audio Conference Calls PRIMARY ACTIVITY Private Spaces Number of People Single Person p-series on desk m-series on desk b-series on desk and wall b-series smart soundbar p-series desktop phone m-series tabletop conferencing Slide Video Conferencing PRIMARY ACTIVITY Small Meeting Rooms Number of People Less than 5 b-series on tabletop and wall M-series on tabletop b-series smart soundbar m-series tabletop conferencing Slide Video Conferencing, Collaboration, Content Sharing PRIMARY ACTIVITY Medium Meeting Rooms Number of People Less than 15 b-series on tabletop and wall M-series on tabletop b-series smart soundbar m-series tabletop conferencing Slide Video Conferencing, Collaboration, Content Sharing PRIMARY ACTIVITY Large Meeting Rooms Number of People Less than 30 c-series throughout room M-series on tabletop with mic pods c-series integrator kit m-series tabletop conferencing Slide Presentation, Training, Lectures PRIMARY ACTIVITY Custom Spaces Number of People Unlimited c-series throughout room c-series integrator kit

One experience. Flawless video. Crystal clear audio. Every time. Everywhere.

Crestron Flex B-Series

Audio/Video Conferencing Smart Soundbars

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Crestron Flex P-Series

Desktop Phones

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Crestron Flex C-Series

Integrator Kits

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Crestron Flex M-Series

Audio/Video Tabletop Conferencing

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One solution that works with what you have today. And what you may need tomorrow.

Bring Your Own Device

Connect any laptop via a USB and Crestron Flex supports any of the most popular collaboration platforms. Now that's teamwork.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams® is natively integrated into every Crestron Flex product. Now that’s collaboration at work.



Crestron Flex offers the simplicity of Zoom Rooms™ software built right into every device. Now that’s simple.


Crestron Flex. One solution that works. For everyone.

From deployment to video conferencing. From the bottom line to the boardroom. Crestron Flex makes it work.

Easy to deploy and manage

Few wiring requirements make every Crestron Flex solution easy to deploy. Crestron XiO Cloud™ service makes managing, monitoring, and evolving your Crestron Flex solution simple and efficient.


Easy to use

Crestron Flex delivers one-touch simplicity in every room. One seamless experience everywhere.


Easy on the bottom line

Crestron Flex gives you total flexibility to add products or deploy room systems–reliably, efficiently and affordably.


What our Customers are Saying

Customize the room experience to delight every guest; from lighting scenes, to automated curtains, entertainment, room service, concierge; even their wake up experience.

“”With the swipe of a key. the room TV welcomed me by my full name, dimmed the lights and started soft music and drew the curtains close.”
– Happy Guest Feedback


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Collaboration Solutions

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HSB About

We are Industry Experts

2016 Global D-tools Design Awards Winner (1st Place Overall).
Infocomm CTS Certified Designers and Technicians.
CEDIA and Infocomm Members.

We Document Everything

Complete Project Drawings and Documentation both for all stakeholders.
We employ standard project management methodology in project.
Open project management platform accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

We use the Best Products

Our Brand Partners are World Leading brands according to CEPro and Industry Experts, and our Brands are backed with decades of experience and extended product warranty cover.

We Support You All The Way

We have an experienced after-sales Support Team dedicated to servicing project systems once delivered. We also have 24/7 remote monitoring and management service with world-class Client Care Plans.

HSB Hospitality

A Smart Hotel

“Give your guest a home away from home experience.”

By creating an unsurpassed experience for guests. Your hotel property benefits greatly from Hotel automation. Automate all lighting and climate systems to minimize energy waste as soon as the guest checks out. This saves you cost and enhances your guest’s experience.

“A smart hotel is simply a smart idea.”

Personalized Experience

Customize the room experience to delight every guest; from lighting scenes, to automated curtains, entertainment, room service, concierge; even their wake up experience.

“”With the swipe of a key. the room TV welcomed me by my full name, dimmed the lights and started soft music and drew the curtains close.”
– Happy Guest Feedback

Automated Hotel Examples

From the world over.

HSB Commercial

Smart Boardroom

21st century boardrooms should have all the smartness it deserves to accommodate today’s fast paced technological system irrespective of a device manufacturer or model.


4K/UHD Video conference system with 3rd video conferencing app support like Skype, BlueJeans & more


Wireless presentation to screen supporting PC, MAC,iOS & Android devices.


Audio Conferencing and Wireless Speech Enhancement system.


Central AV, Lighting & Window Shades automation & control via touchscreens and wall keypads.

Auditoriums and Conference Rooms

With really large meetings with multi-national representation, communication becomes a challenge due to language barriers and speech intelligibility. We fix these issues seamlessly!

Video Conferencing

Multimedia Conferencing system with 7” touchscreen for realtime audio and video collaboration, wirelessly!

Audio Meetings

Wireless audio conferencing with multi-language interpretation and voting capacity.


Breathtaking video projection with 4K/UHD Video walls and projection systems.


Acoustic sound design and wall treatment for enhanced room sound performance.

Access Control

Simply put; Who, What and Where? Controlling and tracking access to commercial spaces could be a daunting task without the right technology. Access Control shouldn’t be complicated and inconveniencing.


Manage wired or wireless doors across multiple locations centrally.


Track employees and visitors real-time within the building.


Manage your staff time and attendance via biometrics.

Remote Management

Remotely control doors and access via mobile app.

Integrated Fire & Security System

Securing large commercial buildings & facilities can become complicated when you don’t have the right solution.Whether it’s a new or existing project, our wired, wireless and hybrid solutions will deliver comprehensive electronic security cover for your occupants.


100% location addressable fire and intrusion detection system.


Flexibility of wireless integration of commercial grade fire & intrusion devices.


3rd Party Automation integration for Building Management System.


Real-time notifications to mobile devices over the air.

IP Surveillance System

A perimeter protection solution detects potential and real intrusion threats, and allows you to take quick action when something really happens. Hausba’s recommended cameras cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates, to discreet products for sensitive environments.


Advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, facial recognition, people counting.


Robust Networked Video surveillance farm across multi-branch locations.


3-5 years product warranty with over 30 years industry experience.

Extra Features

Custom surveillance application including parking management and license plate recognition.

Lighting Control

With the ability to control your entire building lights using a single keypad or your mobile devices, efficiency and cost savings becomes normal.


Automation lighting schedules at specific times of the day, for example opening and closing hours recall specified lighting scenes.


Enhance lighting experience for your visitors with occupancy sensors in rest rooms and hallways.


Integrate emergency lighting scenes during intrusion or fire alarms.


Elegant wall keypads replacing the unpleasant clutter of wall switches.

Motorized Window Shades

With modern architecture, the popularity of glass walls poses a new challenge of sun glare and cooling. Use motorized window shades to control natural lighting, reduce sun glare thereby cutting cost on air conditioning with enhanced aesthetics.


A tested solution for even the most challenging window application.


Battery powered shades for up to 3.5m large windows.


Extended battery boost for up to 2 years daily operation.


Highest quality standards and extended warranty cover.

HSB Residential

Home Automation

Spanning from sunrise to sunset, automation does amazing things in your home that ordinarily you wouldn’t want to be bothered about. It controls virtually everything home electronics and electrical…you name it!


Whether you’re home or not, your security lights turn on and curtains draw close at sunset.


Sets the perfect temperature to cool the atmosphere – automatically


Door Locks, Motorized Gates, Alarm notifications and IP cameras; all on your Smart tablet


All your music and movies in any room, at anytime, at your finger tips.

Media Room

A large flat-screen television, high performance surround sound and cozy seating. Many claim to have media rooms, but only a few are deserving of the name. Shout out mediocrity!

Concealed Display

A big black screen on a wall isn’t aesthetically appealing. Why not take it out-of-sight in style?

Custom Speakers

Floor standing or wall speakers constitute a clutter in your living space. Let’s do something a little special…

Dramatic Performance

Select a movie cover art, black out blinds, dim lights and breath-taking sound kicks in.

Home Cinema

Desired by many. Reserved for a few. The distinct methodology behind how an exceptional Home Cinema is designed, engineered and integrated, absolutely demands an investment from a dedicated cinema enthusiast.

Dolby Atmos | Auro 3D | DTS X

The Big Screen

You never get them in the largest flat screens. 4K video resolution that puts you in the movie.

Immersive Sound

Sound should feel natural. With immersive sound, movies are brought to life with sound everywhere.

The Room

Room size, shape, materials and acoustic performance makes a great difference.


Comfortable seating, inspiring wall paneling and interior decor takes the movie experience to the next level.

High Performance Audio

Music is food to the soul. HiFi is the heartbeat of Audiophile entertainment. A priceless devotion to respect for premium sound reproduction. Stop listening to CRAP AUDIO!

Stereo Imaging

In reproducing life-like sound, the human ear must have a matching speaker.

Active Crossovers

The perfection of audio control requires the independence of each speaker driver.

Deep Bass

Efficient speakers with sensitivity up to 126dB SPL/1m and frequency response as low as 35Hz.

Power Amplification

Bi-amplification delivers a theater-like performance in really large living spaces. We’ve got the right BEAST!

Whole House Entertainment

Movies and Music are the lifeblood of family entertainment in the home. Personalized entertainment brings excitement and enjoyment to everyone with ease and convenience.

Movies & More

Start a movie in the Living room, pause it, retire to the bedroom and press play! Break free and enjoy limitless video content.

Music & More

Any music in any room at Anytime. Whether on your phone, PC, or internet, enjoy great sound all around your home.

Media Sharing

Share with family & friends vacation photos and videos on your TV displays – wirelessly.

Online Content

Bring all your online digital services into one place – Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Kodi, Youtube & more.

Home Security

Protecting your home is top priority for us! We employ the most advanced technology to guarantee your safety and security as you enjoy peace of mind.

IP Surveillance

Experience HD live video of your property on the Go on your mobile devices.

Access Control

Fingerprint keyless entry guarantees high-end security. Remotely control doors & gates from your phone.

Integrated Security

Intrusion & Fire alarm sensors secure the internal & perimeter of your property. Receive smart alarms within seconds on your phone.

Door Entry

Automate the controls of your roller shutters and electronic gate barriers with our HD IP Door station.

Smart Lighting

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two at home or a party with friends, setting the right mood is extremely important. With smart lighting, we perfect the art of blending artificial with natural lighting, to awaken personal & emotional experiences within distinct spaces.

Elegant Control

Smart and elegant keypads and touch panels to control lighting.

Lighting Scenes

Different mood & ambient lighting profiles for an enhanced experience.

Energy Efficiency

Automatically switch off lights in unoccupied spaces using presence sensors.


It’s sunset and your home turns on the security lights and draws close the window blinds – automatically.

Home Area Network

Every Smart home deserves its own custom network to cater for robust future home technology. We would integrate an extremely reliable and secure wireless and wired networking distribution throughout your home.


Improve your existing network for enhanced speeds and coverage.


Centralized distribution hub for all your media and entertainment needs.


Completely secured and reliable networking.

Surge Proof

Protection against surge and brownouts.