Media Room

A large flat-screen television, high performance surround sound and cozy seating. Many claim to have media rooms, but only a few are deserving of the name. Shout out mediocrity!

Concealed Display

A big black screen on a wall isn’t aesthetically appealing. Why not take it out-of-sight in style?

Custom Speakers

Floor standing or wall speakers constitute a clutter in your living space. Let’s do something a little special…

Dramatic Performance

Select a movie cover art, black out blinds, dim lights and breath-taking sound kicks in.

Home Cinema

Desired by many. Reserved for a few. The distinct methodology behind how an exceptional Home Cinema is designed, engineered and integrated, absolutely demands an investment from a dedicated cinema enthusiast.

Dolby Atmos | Auro 3D | DTS X

The Big Screen

You never get them in the largest flat screens. 4K video resolution that puts you in the movie.

Immersive Sound

Sound should feel natural. With immersive sound, movies are brought to life with sound everywhere.

The Room

Room size, shape, materials and acoustic performance makes a great difference.


Comfortable seating, inspiring wall paneling and interior decor takes the movie experience to the next level.

High Performance Audio

Music is food to the soul. HiFi is the heartbeat of Audiophile entertainment. A priceless devotion to respect for premium sound reproduction. Stop listening to CRAP AUDIO!

Stereo Imaging

In reproducing life-like sound, the human ear must have a matching speaker.

Active Crossovers

The perfection of audio control requires the independence of each speaker driver.

Deep Bass

Efficient speakers with sensitivity up to 126dB SPL/1m and frequency response as low as 35Hz.

Power Amplification

Bi-amplification delivers a theater-like performance in really large living spaces. We’ve got the right BEAST!