Temperature Control

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Control the Atmosphere

Take control over your home's temperature.

Take control over your home’s temperature with a smart thermostat integrated to your automation system. You can now regulate it from the comfort of your mobile device, or have your home do it for you automatically.

Control the Atmosphere

Why do i need a Temperature Control Device in a Home.

Here are some of the key needs for temperature control devices in a smart home; Health and Well being, Energy Efficiency, Adaptability to Weather Changes and Remote Monitoring.


Case Study Scenario:


Morning Routine:

1. Wake-Up Mode: The system detects motion in the bedroom and begins warming it up to the preferred temperature based on the resident’s preset.

2. Bathroom Comfort: As the resident enters the bathroom, the temperature control system adjusts to maintain a comfortable temperature.

3. Kitchen and Living Room: The system senses occupancy in these areas and ensures the temperature remains suitable.


Daytime Efficiency:

1. Work Mode: When the resident leaves for work, the system reduces energy consumption by adjusting the temperature according to predefined energy-saving settings.

2. Optimized Lighting: Light sensors adjust artificial lighting based on natural light availability, reducing electricity usage.


Evening Comfort:

1. Homecoming: As the resident returns home, the system detects occupancy at the front door, switching to the ‘Home’ mode and bringing the house to a comfortable temperature.

2. Cooking Mode: In the kitchen, the system adjusts the ventilation and temperature settings to accommodate cooking activities.

3. Entertainment Mode: When the resident settles in the living room for relaxation, the temperature control system maintains a pleasant environment.


Night Mode:

1.Sleep Mode: The system lowers temperatures in unoccupied rooms and ensures a comfortable temperature in the bedroom.

2.Energy Savings: Reduces heating/cooling output during the night to save energy while maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Adaptive Learning:

Over time, the system learns the resident’s preferences and optimizes the temperature control settings for each room. It also adapts to external factors such as seasonal changes and weather forecast.

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