Home Security.


Home Security

Be at peace knowing someone is always watching.

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High Definition Cameras

CCTV Cameras for every surveillance need

 Keep an eye on your loved ones even when you are not at home. High-definition IP cameras provide remote viewing and sharp imaging, indoors and out, even in total darkness.

Proactive Video Monitoring

Home security Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics that takes off the burden of surveillance. With object identification and proactive monitoring, video alerts are sent to your smartphone whenever motion is detected at your entrance doors or your security cameras. Experience the next level of home security with intelligent video analytics. Our advanced system uses AI-powered technology to proactively monitor your property, detecting and alerting you to potential threats in real-time.

Our Projects


BUA Residence

Firstly we designed a robust networking infrastructure to connect all ancillary buildings to enable seamless integration of lighting, automation services across buildings.

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