Power Shades.


Power Shades

it's all about the view..

Ultra Quiet in Motion

Smooth and Quiet.

Lutron power shades are already the quietest and most reliable in the industry. Powered by Lutron’s flagship ultra-quiet.

Designed to be Seen

Design that fits everywhere.

With the metal bracket finishes, Lutron palladiom shades are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your living spaces Sleek and sophisticated.

Smart Lighting Power Shades

This plays a pivotal role in the realm of smart lighting within modern smart homes. These automated window coverings are integrated seamlessly into the broader smart home ecosystem to enhance both functionality and ambiance.


Temperature Controlled Power Shades

When this is integrated into smart homes, serve as a pivotal component in temperature control and overall comfort management. These motorized window coverings offer a dynamic solution that adapts to changing environmental conditions, enhancing both energy efficiency and occupants’ well-being.


Inupa Residence

We embarked on the largest power shading project in our company with this project. We could use none other but Lutron. From manual shades for powder rooms to custom built 10 meter tall shades we designed an installed elegant Lutron’s power shading for every single window in this modern glass house.

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