Home Theatre Speakers


High Performance Audio (home theatre speakers)

Crafted for the audiophile with absolutely no compromise.

Turn up the volume on your emotions with audio so rich, so immersive, so pure, you’ll feel the goose bumps on your skin. Wisdom Audio systems combine clarity, dynamic and precision to achieve the ultimate in music and film sound reproduction


Do you have a great room with double height suitable for home theatre speakers?

We got you covered. Wisdom Audio high performance line source speakers will deliver premium sound in any size of room


Speakers are meant to be heard, not seen. We will design your sound with no distraction to your interiors.

Architectural speakers are designed to blend seamlessly with the home’s interior design and provide high-quality sound throughout the living space. These speakers are integrated into the architectural elements of the home, such as walls or ceilings, and are often part of a larger home automation or smart home system.


C94 Residence

The challenge here was simple. Delight an audiophile. The Client wanted the best home cinema technology with a bold yet minimalist interior finish.

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