Sound Systems

Transform the ambience of your home with soothing sound systems

With Sound systems, every room of your home can be filled with the sounds of nature. This can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, as well as improve focus and promote restorative sleep.


Listen to your favorite artist, playlist, or streaming service in any room.


Speakers are meant to be heard, not seen. We will design your sound with no distraction to your interiors.

Smart home architectural sound systems are a type of audio system designed to be integrated into the architecture of a home. These speakers are typically installed in walls, ceilings, or other hidden locations to provide high-quality audio while minimizing visual clutter. They are part of the broader category of smart home technology, as they can often be connected to a home automation system or controlled through a smartphone app or voice commands. You could also purchase stand-alone speakers from CED.AFRICA


Create listening zones for indoor and outdoor parties seamlessly.

Smart home integrated control sound systems allow you to manage your audio equipment and sound systems within your home seamlessly through a centralized platform or using voice commands. These sound systems can enhance your home entertainment experience and provide convenience and flexibility in managing audio playback across various rooms and devices.


Probyn Residence

This was a massive villa with a whopping 32 audio zones consisting of all types of spaces – from massive bedrooms to outdoor spaces to a banquet hall. We deployed state-of-the-art audio system for the entire residence.

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