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Smart Homes In Nigeria: All You Need To Know (2023)

Over the years, there has been a rise of smart homes (Home automation) in Nigeria because of the many benefits they offer.

In 2022, Statista conducted a survey among 1,041 consumers on the need to own a smart home.

The result was shocking…

15 percents (157 out of 1041) of the participant said YES to owning smart houses in Nigeria.

With this result and other data at hand, Statista forecast that the number of users in the Home automation market will rise by over 4million by 2027. That is an 8.2% increase per year.

What Are Smart Homes?

Smart homes are residences that take advantage of internet connected devices in controlling their appliances and systems. You carry out this application using smart mobile devices.

Examples of smart home technologies include smart lighting systems which detect when a room is occupied and adjust based on daylight availability.

Another is the motion sensors which recognise homeowners, pets, visitors, burglars and alert authorities when it detects suspicious activity.

Let’s see the advantages of owning smart houses in Nigeria.

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Benefits Of Smart Homes In Nigeria

  • Security

Security is one of the major reason you should work towards owning a smart home. With a good smart home security system, you have better control over your household. The system informs you of every activity that takes place in your house.

  • Efficiency

Another among many benefits of smart homes in Nigeria is efficiency in energy conservation. You can program the devices to perform certain tasks. From turning off the lights and other appliances when it’s time for bed or when no one is at home.

  • Convenience

Convenience is yet another benefit to get with the smart home automation system. Rather than manually controlling each device in the house, with this automation system, you can control all devices using your mobile device. At Hausba, we integrate this into your home cinema design.

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How Does Smart Home Automation Work?

All devices collaborate to form a remotely controllable network.

You can access and control these devices at one central point through a home automation system.

We mostly installed this system in a smartphone, where the users control the different devices and also allocate time slots for specific settings or changes to occur.

For example, the user can set the blinds to open everyday once it is 6 am and close once it is 6pm on the platform.

We also have triggered events. An example could be that the smart lock detects you coming and opens the door and also turns on the lights.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning devices enable these devices to identify patterns over time and adapt automatically. 

Also, there are other ways IoT connects to the internet such as:

  • Wi-Fi enables these devices to connect to the web with a super fast speed.
  • Z-wave makes use of mesh network technologies, short range and low power radio signals to connect the devices. 
  • Zigbee uses the same technology as Z-wave to create networks through digital radios. 
  • Cellular backup is idle when there is a power outage while data is used to keep the devices on.
  • Landline backup is another method used to keep devices on and running when there is a power failure.

Home Automation System

At Hausba Nigeria, we design smart houses based on needs and preferences.

Also, we can purchase smart devices and kits that gets your house Automated.

Some of these kits include:

  • Smart Lighting: Take your house to the next level and install automatic blinds that are set off at sunrise and on at sunset time. It uses Wi-Fi for communication.
  • Smart Security: Hausba provides smart home security kits that include cameras, doorbells and motion sensors to keep you always informed about what happens at home. 
  • Smart thermostats: With this thermostats, you can control your home temperature remotely. And you can also schedule these devices based on your preference.
  • Audio/ Visual: You can control your smart entertainment devices using one application. At Hausba, we offer different smart entertainment packages to cater to your smart entertainment needs. 
  • Smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors to protect your home from fire outbreaks. These devices synchronize with your smartphone to alert you of potential dangers.

Conclusion On Home Automation In Nigeria

Smart homes are gaining popularity in Nigeria because of technological advancement.

Efficient security systems, comfort, energy consumption and many more are why having a smart home is a good idea.

At Hausba, we provide Home utomation systems using the latest technologies.

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